Two Types Of Customized Welding Programs And How They Can Advance Your Career

Welding is a high-demand trade at the moment. Welders can garner quite high wages, if they have enough education, certification, and licensing. If you are considering a career change into welding, or you want an update in skills and training, you can attend a trade school for two types of customized welding programs. Descriptions of those two types of programs are as follows. 

​Regular Course Customized to Fit Your Needs

​Adults returning to college often find that they cannot attend full-time during the day like other students can. Hence, it becomes particularly necessary to take courses around your "adulting" schedules. Colleges offer welding courses on weekends, nights, and online. The exception to these offerings is your hands-on welding training and learning to use the welding equipment, which has to be completed in a classroom under the tutelage of a master welder. Most of the bulk of your classes can be taken all other ways previously listed. If you choose this type of customized welding coursework, you should meet with a class advisor to discuss how to best complete all of your non-hands-on courses. 

​Customized Welding

​This type of program targets people who are already welders, or who want to provide a very special set of welding skills to employers and customers. Customized welding is using welding to make custom items and custom products, a skill that is part art, part welding skill and mastery. For example, if a customer came to you and asked you to create custom wheels for his/her motorcycle made from steel, that would be a custom welding job. If you already have some sort of degree or background in art and/or design, then this course/program might be really ideal for you as a lateral slide into another degree program that would teach you welding and use your art/design degree at the same time. 

Read the Course Guides Carefully

​Most vocational and trade colleges have brochures that list all of the necessary courses for various programs and degrees. The school's course guide also lists each course with information in greater detail. Read the brochures on welding courses and programs, as well as the course guides, very carefully. They will give you a lot of good information to absorb, and help you decide which program to pursue if you are still on the fence about welding and/or customized welding. Because you can take any of these courses almost at any time and almost in any method or approach, you can enroll as soon as you have made your decision. 

For more information, contact a customized welding program in your area today.

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